Standardized template for evaluating courses in a selected program

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Develop a standardized template for evaluating courses in a selected program. Include a 1-page executive summary containing the rationale and justification for the methods selected. The purpose of a course evaluation is to ensure that your course is, in fact, serving the intended purpose and assessing the learning outcomes and instructional content. Standardized templates are useful for learners, faculty, and the organization because they allow you to establish expectations and ensure data collected give you the right kind of information upon which to make evidence-based decisions related to meeting learners’ and the organization’s needs and goals.
This is a two-part assessment. The first part is the development of a standardized course evaluation template. The second part is an executive summary addressed to a workplace supervisor.
Determine the best approach for evaluating whether the learning objectives and program outcomes are being assessed adequately in your course. Make use of your work from the previous assessments in the creation of your standardized course assessment template.Create a standardized template that clearly measures the course’s ability to achieve the learning objectives and outcomes stated in your earlier assessments in this course.
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Standardized template for evaluating courses in a selected program - ACED ESSAYS.

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