Team building

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Please complete the following: Create a PPT presentation of your assignment and plan.  Include the type of unit, which is ER and the mix of workers, (veterans, baby boomers, generations Xers, and millennials. Include generational diversity, assessment of function as a team, plan to improve team functioning, including outcomes to achieve. This is to be a 5-7 slide presentation not to include title page and reference page. Add presenter notes to the slide which enhances the content of the slides, as if you were presenting to a group, and this is your script. In PPT, access “notes view” to see the presenter notes boxes. Slides should not contain paragraphs of narrative. They should contain only bullet points or brief explanations. The longer narratives go in your presenter notes. Create a reference slide and include all the references used in the presentation. 4-5 references are required. They must be less than 5 years old. Include citations on the slides.
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Team building
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