The Hollow Hope

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Students are required to write short summaries on three of the books listed below: Summaries must be typed, 6 double-spaced pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, with justified alignment and 1-inch margins. Papers must include properly cited in-text references. Students may use either MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations so long as they are consistent. Remember to include your name, course information, date, and report title. Number your pages in the header or footer. Students are advised to make use of their word processor’s spelling and grammar check tools!!! Student Typed 6 Pages, DoubleSpaced, 12-Point Times New Roman Font, 1 Inch Margins, & Justified Alignment Student Displays an Understanding of the Reading Materials and Accurately Summarizes the Text’s Main Points  Student Used Quotations From Readings & Proper Citations (MLA, APA, or Chicago).  Grammar, Spelling, Organization (i.e. Introduction, Support, Conclusion).  Write the summary on the following book :  Rosenberg, Gerald N. (2008). The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring About Social Change? Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
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The Hollow Hope
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