The purpose of this assignment is to go beyond the usual social network(s) and realm…

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The purpose of this assignment is to go beyond the usual social network(s) and realm of understanding in order to build a bridge of understanding about another person from his/her perception about his/her own life experiences in the workplace and or helping professions.
Interview two adults: one adult of a different ethnicity/race/religious/disability than yourself and one adult who is at least 10 years older or younger than you. You must choose one person from each category, not the same person. Ask him/her the following questions and document the answers for each interview.
Document if the person you interviewed is male or female.What is their ethnicity/race/religious affiliation/disability status or age? (Make sure the person is ok with sharing this information.)What is their level of education?What is their occupation?Have they ever experienced discrimination in the workplace? How did they feel? How did they react? Please explain what happened.During their lifetime, what significant current event have they experienced? (e.g., 911)How has this significant event shaped their experiences with others?After you have the aforementioned interview questions answered, please provide the following regarding your findings:
Compare and/or contrast the experiences of the person you interviewed to your own. Provide one example. Write an explanation of at least two paragraphs in length for each interview. Be sure to address the following questions, along with any additional information your wish to include and/or share:What conclusions can you draw from the commonalities?How could some of these situations be mediated or resolved (e.g., by the person experiencing the discrimination, by institutions employing those who are discriminating others or dealing with clients/customers who are discriminating against employees).Please be sure to inform the people you are interviewing that his or her responses will be kept confidential and anonymous and thank him or her for the time spent interviewing with you.
Writing Requirements (APA format)

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