The topic question can either be one of the ones I’ve put below or a…

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The topic question can either be one of the ones I’ve put below or a topic question from scratch; however, if a topic question is from scratch it must be SouthEast Asian related. And preferably similar to some of the questions below. The essay must be written on either Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, East Timor or on a combination of those named countries. The questions it can be based on if not from scratch are as follows: 1. How can we explain the rise of radical nationalist consciousness and mobilization in Indonesia? 2. What explains the relative militancy of Indonesian nationalism compared to Malaysian nationalism? 3. What explains the at least apparent effective unity of Indonesian and Malaysian nationalism, despite each colonial constructs’ striking ethnolinguistic unity and religious diversity? 4. Is there something about the nature of Indonesia and Malaysian nationalisms that explains the decades-long collapse of multi-party democracy in Indonesia and the seeming persistence of one-party domination of a multi-party system in Malaysia? 5. What explains the almost uninterrupted history of contested multi-party post-colonial democracy in the Philippines, without revolution or military rule, and despite vast disparities of wealth? 6. What explains the apparently effective unity of Philippines nationalism despite the colonial constructs’ striking ethnolinguistic and religious diversity? 7. Does the notion of cacique democracy still apply to the Philippines or has a new kind of democracy emerged, and if so, what kind? 8. Are the Philippines any more democratic now than in the 1960s? 9. Why and how did South East Asia’s largest Communist Party end up being destroyed in Indonesia, and with what consequences? 10. In what sense was the rise of Suharto a victory for capitalism and his fall one for ‘Islam’? 3. What is the relationship between capitalism, Islam, democratization and radicalism in Indonesia? 11. Why has -Suharto era been accompanied by decentralization reforms and with what consequences? 12. To what extent has the power and influence of the Indonesian military changed since 1998? 13. Why has the ‘conservative turn’ in Indonesian Islam come about? Is it likely to endure? 14. Do recent election results reflect a deepening of democracy in Malaysia? 15. Does the 2018 General Election indicate an end to racialized politics? 16. Is Islam a conservative or liberal democratic force in Malaysian politics? 17. How can we explain the endurance of the PAP and the weaknesses of challenges to their dominance in Singapore? 18. Is the PAP-State authoritarian, or just extraordinarily successful? If it’s the latter, how can its success be explained? 19. Are there any prospects for multi-party-political contestation in Singapore? 4. Can we understand Singapore’s “peculiar” politics by comparison with the rest of South East Asia: why or why not? 20. Why was East Timor presented as either a triumph or disaster for UN state building prior to 2006? 21. What – if anything – is relevant about either the period of Portuguese or Indonesian colonialism for the study of contemporary East Timor’s politics? Southeast Asian journals must be included but the sources to not all have to be Southeast Asian. Southeast Asian can include the ones below: -Journal of Asian Studies -Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies -International Journal of Asian Studies -Journal of Southeast Asian Studies -Pacific Review -Pacific Affairs -Sojourn -Journal of the Siam Society -Comparative Studies in Society and History -South East Asia Research -Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia -Journal of Burma Studies -Contemporary Southeast Asia -Asian Survey -Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics -Southeast Asian Affairs -Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs -Journal of Vietnamese Studies -Journal of Contemporary Asia -Critical Asian Studies -Aséanie -Asian Journal of Political Science -Asian Ethnicity -Inter-Asia Cultural Studies -Asian Affairs
The topic question can either be one of the ones I’ve put below or a topic quest - Robust Papers.

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