Topic: Exploration of Cultural and Religious Differences Attend an online service of a church, temple,…

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Topic: Exploration of Cultural and Religious DifferencesAttend an online service of a church, temple, or place of worship that is not from your own denomination, or even one that is not your religion. For examples: if you are a member of the Church of Christ, visit a Catholic Church, a Muslim Mosque, or a Jewish Synagogue. Write an essay of two pages describing your experience and what values that particular church seems to embody.An Alternative: Find someone who is of a different religion than you and interview him or her. What does this person believe? Does their religion have a God as you understand one? What values does he or she embrace? Write an essay describing your interview with this person and what you gathered from them about his or her religious beliefs.IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR WRITTEN ASS1GNMENTS/PROJECTS:All writing assignments should be in standard essay format, that is at least 5 paragraphs with an introduction, a minimum three paragraph body, and a conclusion (2 pages).Papers must he word processed: 12 font, double-spaced, with a 1 inch margin at the top, bottom and sides.Writing assignments are assessed for proper length, spelling, punctuation and grammar using the sophomore rubric.Writing assignments must he turned in on time. Late assignments will not he accepted.Plagiarism is unacceptable at LeMoyne-Owen College. It is defined in the 1995 Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, as the Muse or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. In our class, plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty or academic fraud, and offenders will receive an F on plagiarized work.Instructor reserves the right to add or subtract assignments or assessments.Essay RubricYou may receive up to the amount of points in parenthesis for each part of your essay, depending on the exactness shown in your essay. A perfect score in all three areas totals 100 points.I.Structure (up to a perfect score of 33 points)•has an effective introduction•clearly signals that the paper is coming to an end and summarizes essential points in the conclusion•has a definite focus in all paragraphs•uses transitions both between and within paragraphs effectively•follows the directions of the assignment•fulfills the purpose of the assignmentII.Content (up to a perfect score of 34 points)• has a clear thesis

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