Tuberculosis incidence world-wide

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Research the disease from readings located through the Library and from public health websites like the CDC, Healthy People 2020, and/or WHO (the point is to use reputable resources).   Describe the communicable disease, incidence world-wide and in your community (go to your county’s public health website and research incidence of diseases), agent characteristics, environmental characteristics, signs and symptoms, treatment, and as a public/community health nurse how would you educate the public about this disease.    Format paper using APA 7th edition guidelines. Ensure there is a title page (no running head is needed), page numbers, level headings, conclusion, and a reference page. Need at least 2 or more sources outside of the text book. Write 3-4 pages (double spaced) not including title page and reference page.
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Tuberculosis incidence world-wide
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