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Read Case: TOMS Shoes describes a unique business model combining for-profit and nonprofit philosophiesinto a corporate social responsibility model.Naeini, A.; Dutt, A.; Angus, J. et.al. (June 7, 2015). A shoe for a shoe, and a smile. Business Today.Retrieved from https://www.businesstoday.in/magazine/lbs-case-study/toms-shoes-shoes-for-free-causemarketing-strategy-case-study/story/219444.htmlAddress the following in a 3- to 4-page academic essay that demonstrates your critical-thinking skills. Itshould be written for an audience of business owners. As an ethics expert working for a national ethicsassociation, you have been asked to address the following:Research another organization that is also high on corporate social responsibility. Compare and contrasttheir CSR approach with the CSR approach of TOMS Shoes.What actions of organizations fall under the umbrella of “corporate social responsibility”? Give threeexamples of CSR activities beyond what you have learned from TOMS and the organization you discussed inthis assignment.Is it expected that successful organizations also have a CSR component in its values? Discuss by giving twoadditional employer examples.This assignment should include third-person voice, in-text citations, and a references list. It should beevident that you followed some of the basics of APA formatting. Write a well-integrated paper with a strongintroduction and conclusion, and use a few section headings (e.g., do not simply follow a Q & A format).Bring in subject matter viewpoints (authors or speakers) to validate and support your writing. Utilize at least3 sources that are not included as background readings in this course and are new to you. These sources, forexample, can be found from searching the Trident Online Library databases (such as Academic SearchComplete, Business Source Complete, Skillsoft Books 24×7, and/or ProQuest Central).
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