Using the provided case information, create a financial plan that consists of an Excel Spreadsheet…

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Part 1: 
Using the provided case information, create a financial plan that consists of an Excel Spreadsheet and a written document that presents the financial plan in a narrative format. Review Case file. Download and print the attached Capstone Kemp Case Template. It is an Excel spreadsheet with eight tabs. The first tab contains the case facts and background information about the Kemps. You will use this information to formulate a financial plan. Using the facts presented in the Capstone Kemp Case Template complete the spreadsheets presented in Kemp Case for each subject area. You must enable editing of the spreadsheet, then you can enter the figures and answer the plan-related questions. This completed spreadsheet and questions must be completed with a written financial plan. Note that the Excel files have many areas that are password protected so that cells cannot be inadvertently changed. You will enter calculations and recommendations in areas that are not password protected. If you encounter any problems using Excel files, you should note it on the spreadsheet.  
Part 2: 
Write a Financial Plan. Write a comprehensive and integrative financial plan (word document) using the outline found in the Sample Financial Plan Report template as a guide. To construct the plan, provide an analysis of the clients’ current financial situation for each subject, discussing strengths and weaknesses of their current position. Suggest alternatives to the current course of action by developing financial planning recommendations that will improve the clients’ financial position. Explain how the recommendations should be implemented by discussing the actions, services and/or products needed to implement them. Identify appropriate sources of funding. Complete the plan with an Action Plan that prioritizes the recommendations according to the clients’ goals, needs and objectives and present time frames for completing each action step. 

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