Ways artists can engage with environmental issues

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Assignment 1, part 1: 1.After reviewing Reading the following reading http://www.environmentandsociety.org/sites/default/files/key_docs/weintraub_final_0.pdf answer the following questions. • Based on the lesson and reading by Weintraub, in what ways can artists engage with environmental issues? What strategies do they use? Give examples. 2.Based on the reading by Boyer which is as follows https://inhabitat.com/andy-goldsworthy-uses-natural-materials-to-make-ephemeral-art-installations-at-the-presidio-in-san-francisco/ answer the following questions. •What kind of artwork did Goldsworthy create in Presidio, San Francisco? Explain. •Can his art be considered eco-art? Explain your answer. Assignment 1, part 2: Create a non-toxic painting using coffee and/or tea and/or juice as your paint. You can use one or combination of these materials. Paint anything you like (portrait, landscape, abstract art, surreal art, etc), but with an environmental message. (Previous slides contain some examples for your inspiration (not for copying). Tip: use darker vegetable or fruits juices (e.g. beets, cranberry, blackberry) to get stronger color, or use 2 or more bags of tea (or spoons of tea leaves or instant coffee). Put tea bags in just 2 spoons of boiling water. In another cup put more water if you need to make lighter tones. As in water color painting, on top of first layer of paint, put another layer of paint on top of it to make it darker where needed (see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efOWUccg__c ). For an info on how to make vegetable/fruit paints and dyes see: https://www.vermints.com/blog/make-natural-paint-with-leftover-fruits-and-veggies/

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