What is the Relationship between the Narrator and the Audience?

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This week we will be writing a 5 Paragraph Essay. This type of writing is foundational because it focuses on your organization, narrative structure, and message.  What is the relationship between the narrator and the audience? How does one manipulate or evolve the other? Why is it important to understand this relationship? Remember that a “5 Paragraph Essay” does not literally require only 5 paragraphs. It is an organizational concept that lays out Introduction Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Conclusion   Paper directions: All papers must fall between 500 and 600 words, and begin with your name, the word count, and the title of your piece. Please double-space your submission. Name: Word Count: Title: All papers must include citations whenever you are taking details from an article, and should appear (Author’s Last Name, Publication Year) Your paper must end with a Resources section, using the APA format to cite the sources for your writing.  Last name, First name. (Publication Date) Publication. Article Title. Retrieved from http://www.LINK.com
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What is the Relationship between the Narrator and the Audience?
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