What you will learn in these writing assignments:

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dilemma that interests you.What you will learn in these writing assignments:How to analyze and write about contemporary ethical dilemmasHow to apply moral theories to contemporary ethical dilemmasHow to find solutions to contemporary ethical dilemmas by discovering common ground.Short Essay One is due by the end of academic week five on Tuesday at 11:30PM ET.Technical RequirementsShort Essay One is required to be800 to 1,200 words (4-5 pages)12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” right and left marginsMicrosoft .docx format (not .pages or .pdf)Directions[STEP ONE] Short Essay One will focus on the moral theories you learned in weeks 2 through 4. You can choose one or more of these theories to focus on in your paper.Egoism / Social Contract TheoryWestern Religious MoralityUtilitarianism[STEP TWO] For each Short Essay, choose one(1) Applied Ethics subject and dilemma to write about from the list of Short Essay Applied Ethics Subjects:[NOTE: YOU MUST CHOOSE A DILEMMA IN THIS LIST. YOU CANNOT CHOOSE YOUR OWN DILEMMA]Example:For your Short Essay One paper you could choose to argue using Utilitarianism that it is unethical for governments to implement a social credit score[STEP THREE] Your essay will be organized according to a modified Rogerian Argument Structure:The Rogerian Argument Structure is used to find common ground between two sides in a complex issue so it is a good writing structure for analyzing and arguing ethical dilemmas. We will modify this structure somewhat to allow for the examination of an ethical dilemma. Your essay will be divided into four sections, with each section answering particular questions about the ethical dilemma and moral theories you have chosen to use. Remember, your essay will be 800-1200 words total so please allocate enough words for each section!
Rogerian Argument
Suggested Title: The Ethics of [case or dilemma] in [subject] using [moral theory] by [your name]Examples:“The Ethics of Vaccine Rationing in Medicine Using Utilitarianism by Susan Kitteridge”or“The Ethics of Taking A Knee in Sports Using Virtue Theory by John Meyerson”or“The Ethics of Manufacturing Defects in Business Using Kantian Ethics by Stephen Mousse”
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