Women’s equality

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Women across America are dependent upon the will of their state and the federal legislators, who are primarily male, as well as for-profit-health insurance companies; employers who provide insurance, and in some cases, religious organizations.  What impact do these entities have on women’s equality regarding reproductive rights as well as their socio-economic and emotional well-being?  Key issues to consider:1) Health care and gender equality;2) the current state of governmental control over women’s reproductive health;3) government funding and/or employers’ refusal to provide coverage for prescription contraceptives;4) the conflict between the right to contraception and abortion vs. the religious opposition’s to overturn Ro v. Wade.Remember to include your name date and the title of this paper.  You are required to include (in-text) citations of sources for dates, facts, paraphrases, and quotes (MLA or APA Style) from sources as well as the correct format for the works cited or references at the end.
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