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Week 5 Assignment: Test Your Software 
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From your SDS, select 10 testing methods. These methods should be relatively simple, but non-trivial (i.e., don’t test method stubs or methods that simply “return true”). It may also help if the methods are all or mostly contained within a single class. You may select test methods from your design patterns from the previous week. You may also need to create stubs for other methods, objects, or modules on which these methods depend. Be sure to get good coverage of possible inputs (parameters) and outputs. Update your SDS as necessary.
Using a testing framework and object oriented language of your choice, implement appropriate unit tests on these five methods.
In a Word document, paste screenshots of your code and all test output. For each test, provide a short explanation (50-100 words) that explains why the test methodology was selected and your rationale for setting up the test the way that you did.
Note: If you plan to use a .NET language, you may download the latest full version of VisualStudio from the DreamSpark website.
ZIP your code, screenshots, and revised SDS together and submit them as a single ZIP file.
Upload your ZIP file and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

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